Water Treatment Solutions

When corrosion, deposition or microbiological contamination occur in your industrial or commercial heating or cooling systems, they can restrict flow and system efficiency, increase maintenance expenditure and create unscheduled outages.  To help maintain performance and reliability within systems Total Fluid Solutions provides state of the art chemistry that function to both remediate and to protect the system now and into the future.
Our portfolio of water treatment additives includes:

  • Chemical cleaning agents that help to effectively remove corrosion, scale and system debris providing the systems with a fresh start free from contamination.
  • Microbiological additives to eliminate biological and biofilm growth.
  • Scale Inhibitors that target the formation of virtually any form of scale build-up.
  • Corrosion Inhibitors that prevent corrosion from damaging expensive capital equipment, pipework & internal system components.
  • Glycols for low temperature system conditions to prevent water mediums for freezing and pipes bursting.

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