Indirect Contact Freezing

The gentle method of food preservation

Freezing food is probably the gentlest method of food preservation. Freezing prevents food from spoiling by inhibiting micro-organic and enzymatic action, and has few adverse effects on taste, texture, nutritive value or colour

Most foods are frozen as result of an indirect contact freezing process. During this process, the product and a heat transfer fluid are separated by means of an interface or barrier between the cooling medium and the product. This interface may be a metal plate or the product packaging material, which prevents direct contact between the product and the cooling medium.

More Applications

Hot Water Heating Systems and Air Conditioning

Hot water heating systems and air conditioning are commonly used to ensure comfortable temperatures in buildings.

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Indirect Cooling Systems and Secondary Refrigeration

The difference between direct cooling systems resides in the physical separation between the primary circuit and the secondary system

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Heat Pump Systems

Reversing the natural heat flow direction. Heat flows naturally from a higher to a lower temperature. Heat pumps, however, are able to reverse this flow in the other direction.

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Process Heating and Cooling

In the chemical industry, many processes require either cooling or heating. The temperature range of applications can widely vary.

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Liquid Coolants for Data Centres And Electronics

Cooling is an aspect to consider when it comes to computing systems and electronic applications.

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