TFS builds on an inheritance of technology, creativity and expertise to develop and market its products in various applications to enable controlled heating or cooling in industrial production processes and applications.

TFS introduced state-of-the-art long-life corrosion technology in the industry meeting specific customer needs.

Our fluid technologies are single-phase heat transfer fluids used to cool and protect electronics within data centers and other electronic environments. Different base fluids (glycol and/or water), additive packs and electrical conductivity levels are available, each targeting specific application needs. TFS ready-to-use mixtures in direct-to-chip cooling* provide long-life corrosion protection and more efficient and effective cooling for the entire equipment, leading to increased performance, reduced downtime and longer lifespan of the equipment. Such coolant solution simplifies electronic hardware maintenance and can reduce the overall cost and complexity of the system.

Effective cooling is an essential aspect to consider when it comes to computing systems and electronic applications. Because of the progress and evolution in computing components, their increased power output results in higher heat generation, leading to diminished performance and even hardware malfunctions. To tackle these challenges, TFS offer and innovative range of heat transfer fluids designed for electronics and data center cooling.

Electronic applications require massive amounts of power, and our liquid coolant can help ensure that this power is delivered efficiently and reliably. Hence, whether these are server applications, High density computing or AI applications, Edge computing or other power electronics within automotive, and industrial environment, our products could be a great fit.

Our range of direct-to-chip coolants, ensures optimal performance and maximum efficiency, precisely where it is needed most, enabling the components to operate at higher speeds without the risk of overheating. Thanks to the enhanced energy efficiency, better Power Usage Effectiveness (PUE) is achieved. Its advanced features offer long-lasting corrosion protection and cooling capabilities that promote longer equipment lifespan and reduced downtime.

The fluid technologies simplified electronic hardware maintenance and can lower the overall cost and complexity of the system. Its advanced features and capabilities make it a top-of-the-line coolant solution, delivering superior performance, reliability, and efficiency.

The fluids can be used with confidence for direct-to-chip or cold-plate liquid cooling applications. The coolant is ideal for environments like Data centers or Batteries for energy storage, where traditional air cooling is often inadequate.