Biomass systems operate under stressed high temperature conditions and contain multi metal system components that require protection against corrosion and freezing. We offer multi-purpose inhibited antifreeze based solutions formulated to control against, corrosion, scale, hydrogen gassing within indirect heating & closed loop cooling systems requiring permanent protection.

Solar thermal systems operate at high temperatures in excess of 200°C which places high demands on the chemical property of the selected fluid. The solar system needs to operate with reliability and effectiveness in providing both hot water & heating all year round. In choosing one of our solar thermal fluids you can be guaranteed to achieve long lasting system performance across the operating temperatures.

Heat transfer fluids for heat pumps & geothermal systems operate at the lower end of the temperature scale as they transfer heat from the ground to the heat pump even at below 0°deg. It is important to choose a fluid that provides an effective long service life that protects against corrosion, bacteriological growth, fluid degradation and freezing of internal system components. Suitable fluid options include our inhibited ethylene glycol and the non-toxic inhibited propylene glycol depending on specific system considerations.


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